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Options for Returning Vehicles to their Pre-Accident Condition after a Collision

If your car was involved in a collision you need to make sure that it is completely restored to its pre-accident condition. This not only means that any mechanical failures caused by the accident must be fully repaired so that the vehicle is safe to operate, but that any reconstructive work done to the body of the car matches perfectly the original texture and color of the vehicle.

Several options are available to consumers which may or may not require repainting of the damaged surface. Which option is ultimately chosen by the auto body collision center you retain to fix your vehicle depends to a large extent on the nature and type of damage the vehicle has sustained.

For relatively minor dents measuring approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter, paint-less dent removal is usually the best option. However, this option is only available so long as the back of the affected panel can be easily accessed to push the dent and pop it back out to its original position without damaging the painted surface. This is not only the less expensive alternative for quickly fixing superficial damage, but since it does not require application of a fresh coat of paint to the damaged surface, it guarantees that the vehicle retains its original color uniformly.

Unfortunately, paint-less dent removal is not always feasible. Dents larger than 4 inches in diameter or accidents that result in tearing and creasing of the metal fabric or scraping of painted surface of a vehicle require more invasive reconstructive work. This may include sanding of the damaged surface, use of body filler, and application of one or more coats of paint. Extensive repairs of this type require more labor and are naturally more expensive. To ensure a seamless finish, professional auto body repair shops such as Coach Auto Body rely on the vehicle's VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) and use sophisticated computerized paint matching systems along with specially equipped spray booths. The VIN number is a label fixed to the door on the driver side of every vehicle that contains unique information about each vehicle including the precise color code of the vehicle's exterior.

Another available option is to remove one or more panels that have sustained damage and to replace them with new OEM parts. This is the most expensive alternative because it not only requires purchasing new parts but painting them as well if the color of the replacement part does not match the color of the damaged vehicle.

If you do not know which option is best for you, simply contact Coach Auto Body Repairs and our PPG, Dupont and Matrix System certified technicians will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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