Coach Auto Body's Sophisticated Painting and Computerized Color Matching Equipment

Coach Auto Body is committed to painting your car, truck or motorcycle so that it looks exactly the way you want it to. Our PPG, Dupont and Matrix System certified technicians use a sophisticated computerized paint matching system that ensures accurate custom mixing of paints as per factory codes. Coach's paint system is so precise it allows our technicians to mimic color down to the desired tone and shade so that it is indistinguishable from the original color of your vehicle.

Of course, if you want to paint your car, truck or bike a brand new color, we can do that as well. PPG and Matrix Systems have an extensive palette of colors ranging from conservative solid hues such as black, white, grey and maroon to more colorful shades of red, blue, orange, yellow and green. We even offer custom painting with more elaborate and exotic color schemes such as candy apple and metal flakes.

Coach Auto Body specializes in single stage, two stage as well as three stage paint jobs. Single stage painting is naturally less intricate and therefore less expensive because only one color is applied in a single step, whereas a two stage paint job requires application of both a base coat and a clear coat in two distinct phases. Three stage paint jobs are even more intricate as they require the application of a pearl coat in addition to a base and clear coat. We also offer a wide range of custom painting options including adding pin-stripes, lines, monograms and other motifs to further enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle.

Wether you opt for a single stage, two stage of three stage paint job for your truck, car or motorcycle, our skilled professionals always deliver the highest level of craftsmanship.

We stand behind the quality of our work with a lifetime guarantee to Coach Auto Body customers on all collision repairs. Our state-of-the-art facility in Syosset, NY is equipped with an 375 square foot spray booth that ensures

from Syosset Train Station & Local North Shore Areas

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Coach Auto Body Repairs & Matrix System

  • single stage painting
  • two stage painting
  • three stage painting
  • pin-striping
  • monograms and line painting

your vehicle is painted seamlessly in a confined area without having any dust or particles adhering to its surface while it is drying.

If you are looking for professional painting services in Suffolk or Nassau County, contact Coach Auto Body, call (516) 921-0086 , and our PPG and Matrix System certified technicians will give your car a brand new lease on life.


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